Hawaiian Pink Salt - Pink Diamond 140g

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PINK DIAMOND HAWAIIAN SALT is a salt formed by the waters of the Pacific combined with the volcanic rock of the Kilauea volcano. It is harvested on the island of Moloka'i in Hawaii. (Available in coarse salt or fine salt version).

Do you know that the ordinary table salt is treated with ferrocyanide (E535) , a contested anti-caking agent?

Do you know that the table salt contains 98% sodium, the main cause of hypertension in the world ?

The Hawaiian salt on the other hand has characteristics still unknown to the general public, a treasure of nature :

- Low in sodium 81% versus 98% for common salt

- Contains over 80 minerals , trace elements and marine electrolytes against zero for ordinary salt

- Does not contain no iodine added, GMO free

- It is naturally sun-dried unlike industrial salt which is refined

- It is the purest in the world , in front of the fleur de sel for example which contains substantial chemical residues being surface salt crystals.

- It is eco-responsible unlike Himalayan salt which is a rock salt requiring the use of dynamite and is non-renewable.

Hawaiian Pink Diamond salt has the following particularity:

- contain pink clay

- to promote blood micro-circulation

Our Hawaiian salt is approved by the Hawaii Chamber of Commerce and has the "Made In Hawaii with Aloha" label. Guarantee of quality, reliability and authenticity for our valued customers.