HAUSA - Grilling spices 200g

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Authentic blend of spices imported directly from Senegal dibiterie suppliers. This mixture will remind you of the real experience of Senegalese dibiterie, different from kankan, kankankan or suya . Sweet and slightly spicy scent profile. A few pinches to sprinkle on your still hot grills and you're done! Shipping costs are free from 49 € of purchase. Shipping is carried out within 24 hours while delivery times are generally 48 hours. You can track your parcel anytime on this page , the payment is 100% secure.

Origin : Senegal

Allergen: peanut

What is Dibi special spices ?

The “Dibi” spice blend is thus named in reference to Dibiteries. These are taverns where grilled meat is served over a wood fire. These spices are rarely found in homes, indeed, it is the Hausa from the sub-region who brought these blends to Senegalese heritage.

Although they are numerous to keep these stalls, the dibitiers as they are often called under the Fulani. These peoples are recognized for their knowledge of cattle.

The dibiterie has become over time, an essential place for Senegalese as well as for travelers.

Chef's Tips:

  • Be sure to cut your meat into regular pieces for even cooking.
  • If you are cooking on a barbecue, consider cutting pieces thicker than your grill to prevent them from falling into the embers (they reduce in size during cooking).
  • On a charcoal barbecue, do not cook over high heat but over embers. The ideal temperature? If you can put your hand above the grid and counting to 10 is perfect. Otherwise it's too hot!
  • If you are cooking in a pan I recommend using a cast iron pan, avoid non-stick frying pans.
  • Do not salt your meat before cooking if they are small pieces, they will tend to dry out.